Everything a Chief Technology Officer does, as a Service

Mini & More, CTO as a Service


Mini & More provides consulting services to startups, scale-ups and ISVs for the different aspects of building modern Cloud Solutions.

Our most in-demand consulting services are:

  • Cloud architecture
  • Cost optimization
  • Security scanning
  • Scalability optimisation
  • Feasibility studies / PoCs / prototypes

We offer flexible consulting services. One of our popular models is the Quick-scan, which includes an intake/kick-off phase, research phase and a report with findings & advice, mostly using Mini & More's Tech Canvas for structure and completeness.

Mini & More, CTO as a Service, Consultancy


A CTO-as-a-Service Subscription is a model in which Mini & More assists you and your company with anything a Chief Technology Officer would do, to translate your vision to a great product.

It’s a long term engagement in which CTO Services are provided for an average of 2 or 3 days a week, or based on client requirements.

Mini & More, CTO as a Service, Subscriptions

Team Optimisation

Software Development is a Team Work, but acquiring the right tech talent can be a challenge.

Our seasoned team combined expertise can help you with tech talent acquisition, team expansion, team coaching & counseling.

Mini & More, CTO as a Service, Team Optimization

What We Do

   Software & Cloud Architecture

Software is complex and the Cloud has obsoleted many traditional architectural design patterns. Truly making use of the power of the Cloud involves rethinking a lot of what businesses used to take for granted. Our Cloud architecture and management services focus on implementing the right setup for each client based on their business work flows.

   PoC (proof-of-concept) projects

Mini & More can quickly take a technical concept and take it live as a Cloud Solution, in the form of a Proof-of-Concept (PoC). a good PoC proves the viability of ideas can make the difference between getting investment funds or sponsorship, or not.

   Database Design/Architecture, Data Analysis, SQL/NoSQL

The performance bottleneck of any large Cloud system is very often its storage processing power. Native Cloud application logic can be set to autoscale, just by using the right PaaS services, but storage is much harder to scale. Our team determines and implements the best database architecture solutions based on your business needs.

   Long term Technological Vision, Innovation

You need to know where you want to be in three years from now, and focus on what you have to do now, to get there. We help you draw a clear strategy and modular strategy that adapts to your growth pace.

   Quality Assurance

QA is an important but often underestimated aspect of Software Development. We believe QA is not only about code, but also about process, documentation & support.

Mini & More, CTO as a Service

Mini & More, CTO as a Service
   Talent Acquisition, Growth

One of the hardest parts of having a startup or scale-up is to acquire and grow a technical team that is actually going to build your product. It's the Wild West all over again with the recruiters and headhunters and their fees, and rarely do these people really understand what they are looking for in terms of skill sets. Mini & More can help. We call it guerilla-recruiting, and it works…

   Management Coaching

Mini & More follows the principle of Facilitating Leadership. The idea is that empowering your team means listening to what they need. Development Teams are creative by definition, and you don't set hard KPIs for creative people. Instead, you help them in being creative and thrive. We help businesses make the shift into a people-first management approach.

   Cloud Infrastructure

What’s the best way to develop, deploy, and manage applications in an era of new ideas, innovation, and digitalization? Our team can help you answer that question based on your business needs. We offer Cloud infrastructure consulting, set-up, optimization for efficiency, and cost control. Our Cloud infrastructure services include Virtual Machines, Docker / Kubernetes, and Serverless.

   Tech Canvas

The Tech Canvas is a methodology Mini & More has developed, in order to classify startups & scale-ups in terms of maturity, based on a number of standards in Software Development.

Mini & More now uses the model to make sure every aspect that matters in development is taken into consideration.


A Quick-scan is a form of consultancy that quickly delivers insight in Cloud readiness/migration, performance bottlenecks, architectural status, security/privacy or other aspects of your solution. It includes an intake/kick-off, research phase and a report with findings & advice, mostly using Mini & More's Tech Canvas for structure and completeness.

Mini & More, CTO as a Service