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Mini & More is a dynamic software development company that supports organizations, companies, startups & ISVs with developing and scaling Cloud software solutions. We provide complete infrastructure and cost-effective business solutions. Our custom-configured tech products and services are crafted with passion and tailored to provide our business clients with the tools and procedures they need to soar their business to new heights!

Software Solutions

We deliver a complete e-commerce solution so that you can focus on
high-level growth strategies for your business

education management
QR Menu

We will develop an online page which includes your menu as well as a unique QR Code to your restaurant and give you all the access to allow you to update your menu at any time.

stock management

Create an ecommerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.

Online Marketing and Advertising

Digitalization has fundamentally transformed how customers discover, interact and engage with companies. Our agency team delivers visionary design, powerful marketing communications and compelling user experiences. We bring years of best practice experience to help you drive higher sales, improve customer retention, identify digital opportunities, and boost conversions.

  • Digital Strategy

    We work with your team to identify your target audience, digital sales funnel, budget breakdown, and create a digital marketing strategy that converts your prospects into loyal, repeat customers.

  • Marketing Optimization

    Optimization is key for translating your strategy into tangible results. Our team works continuously with clients on improving and tweaking marketing campaigns to drive better results.

  • Tracking & Reporting

    We measure progress, return on investment, and identify actionable steps to improve marketing performance and meet your goals.

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Bring your business online

Create an ecommerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.

QR Menu Solution

  • Menu can now be available online and accessible through a QR code in multi languages of your choice.

  • Clients can place their order through a virtual cart experience.

  • A portal to manage and edit your information that be online within a few seconds.

  • Client's branding identity and colors is included in order to offer customers an adapted experience.

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Mini & More, QR Menu

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